Yearly Events

Shree Ramothsava & Ramanavami – from Chaithra Shukla Prathipath to   Chaithra Shukla Navami

The most significant avathara of Lord Vishnu, is celebrated   with pomp and gaiety at the Kshetra. Shree LakshmiNarayana is decked in the Rama Avathara, and, special poojas are performed a nine day extravaganza of bhajanas, pujas of Lord Rama & His  Divine Parivara (Family), ShreemadValmiki Ramayana Parayana, special Uthsavas of Lord Rama & His divine Parivara are performed, with great piety and enthusiasm.

Pattabhisheka Dina of Shree Vijaya Maruthi Sharma Guruji – Chaithra Krishna Ekadashi
The day of establishing the Maruthi Peetham at the Kshetra, by Avadhootha Sadhguru Shree Shree Bindumadhava Sharma Mahaswamiji.
It is on this day that Sadhguru anointed his Uttharadhikari; the First Peetadhipathi, and our Guruji at present, Shree Shree Vijaya Maruthi Sharma Guruji.
To commemorate this auspicious moment, every year, this day is celebrated with gusto. The honoured Silver Peetham or the Throne (housed in the Bharathi Theertha Sabha Bhavana), is florally decked and a special puja is conducted.
The Peetadhipathi (Shree Shree Vijaya Maruthi Sharma Guruji)  dressed in ceremonial attire, then ascends the throne, the Kireeta or the crown is placed on His Head. His Padapooja, Veda Parayanas are performed and bhajanas are held.

Shree Shankara Jayanthi – Vaishaka Shukla Panchami
On this day a special puja is performed of shree Shankaracharya, along with the recitation of Shankara Sthothra Parayana, and Utsava of Shree Shankara is performed. Free Upanayana  for young brahmanas is also conducted at the Kshetra.

Avadhootha Sadhguru Shree Shree Bindumadhava Sharma Mahaswamiji’s Vardhanthi – Vaishakha Shukla Dashami
On this day, devotees collect to pay their obeisance, respects and service to Sadhguru, who leads them from mortal binding to spiritual grace.
His Holiness’ Pada Puja is performed by a nominated couple, on behalf of all His devotees, at the Chaithanya Mandira.
Day-long bhajana performance is held, rendering Sadhguru’s teachings and compositions. In addition, specials pujas to the Lord and procession are conducted.

Narasimha Jayanthi – Vaishaka Shukla Chathurdashi
One of The most significant avatharas of Lord Vishnu, is celebrated with pomp and gaiety at the Kshetra. Shree LakshmiNarayana is decked in the Narasimha Avathara, and special poojas are performed.
On that day, Go puja and special bhajanas are rendered, with a special feast offered to the visiting devotees.

Guru Poornima or Vyasa Poornima – Ashadha Shukla Poornima
It is the holy birthday of Sage Vyasa, the foremost of the Gurus and the beacon of Guru Parampara (tradition)
On this day, the venerated Guru is invoked and His blessings are sought for spiritual & material upliftment.
Padapuja of Avadhootha Sadhguru Bindumadhava Sharma Mahaswamiji is performed.
The significance of The Guru in one’s life is advocated on that day, with His teachings and bhajanas rendered in fond memory, amongst the devotees.

Shravana Masa Karyakrama  – Shanaishchara Seva – from Shravana Shukla Prathipath to Shravana Krishna Amavasya
The longest celebration at the kshetra, which goes on for the whole month.
Lord Shanaischara and the NavaGraha are propitiated on these days. Every day, in addition to special pujas being performed to Shree  Anjaneyaswami, Shani Katha parayana is performed twice (morning & evening). Bhajanas are also performed every day.
This month-long celebration culminates with the conduct of the Shanaishchara Maha Shanthi Homa in the evening. All devotees present then make offerings to Lord Shanaishchara, seeking His Grace and protection.
A grand feast is also organised, feeding all those present.

Shree Krishna Janmashtami – Shravana Shukla Ashtami
The most significant avathara of Lord Vishnu, is celebrated with pomp and gaiety at the Kshetra. Shree LakshmiNarayana is decked in the Krishna Avatara, and special poojas are performed. On that day, Go pooja and special bhajanas are rendered, with a special feast offered to the visiting devotees.

Shree Shree Vijaya Maruthi Sharma Guruji’s Vardhanthi –  Ashwayuja Krishna Dashami
In addition to special Pooja to the Lord, certain Homas are performed to seek His Holiness’ wellbeing, by His parents.
His Pada Puja is then performed in front of all the devotees & visitors of the Kshetra, in the Bharathi Teertha Sabha Bhavan. It is then followed by a grand lunch for all in attendance and continues as annadana for the rest of the day.


Sharannavarathri Mahothsava – from Ashwayuja Shukla Prathipath to Ashwayuja Shukla Dashami

a ten day festivity,  glorifying the Mahalakshmi in her trinity form of Ma Durga, Ma Lakshmi & Ma Saraswathi.

Avadhootha Sadhguru’s Aradhana – Karthika Shukla Thrayodashi

On this day, Shrautha Smartha Yagas, spiritual discourses, Aradhana, poojas are organised. His Holiness’s bhajana compositions are rendered by groups, who come here from far and wide. Notably Addapallakki Uthsava of His Holiness is conducted with Devotion and great Fervour.

Shree Sadhgurumatha Samsmaranam – Karthika Krishna Chathurthi
जननीजन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपिगरीयसी ।
So blessed is She, our Mother, that one can experience heaven and bliss in Her arms – our dear mother.
In lieu of this understanding, a humble homage to the our beloved Avadhootha Sadhguru Shree Shree Bindumadhava Sharma Mahaswamiji’s Mother,  Lakshmidevamma, is offered.
On that day, in addition to special pujas of the Lord, anna dana, vastra dana and Gopuja are conducted.


Mahabrahmarathothsava – Hanumajjayanthi – From Margashira Shukla Ekadashi to Margashira Shukla Poornima
Commencing 4 days before the Datta Jayanthi day, it culminates on the Pournami Day, with the Guruji seeking blessings from the assembly of Sadhus, sanths and sadhwins, who gather at the kshetra for this grand festival. They are considered to be avatars of Lord Dattatreya, the most noble and holy of the Guru Parampara.
A 24 X 5 day/night jamboree, the schedule is packed with akhanda bhajanas, performed by groups coming from all over the state, hordes of mendicants, sadhus and sadhwins gathering at the Kshetra for the final act on Datta jayanthi.
The Kshetra is awake on all 5 days and nights. Thousands of devotees attend these festivities.
LakshmiNarayana kalyana, SeethaRama Kalyana are performed in the strict code of a Divine wedding, complete with all rituals associated with the wedding ceremonies, performed to the last detail. Devotees take sides of the brides and the bridegrooms and celebrate the weddings.
Coffee, tea and milk are served 24X5 to everybody present, during these five days.
Entertainment in the form of classical & folk performances are organised every evening, providing a divine platform for the aspiring and regular artist groups, hailing from different parts of the state.

Hanumajjayanthi Masothsava (First Month) – Pushya Shukla Poornima

Marking one month of Hanumajjayanthi Celebrations. On that day, homas, special pujas and parayanas are held day long. Akhanda bhajana is also held on that day.

Mahashivarathri – Magha Krishna Thrayodashi

On that auspicious day, Rudra homa, and special puja to Lord Shiva is conducted. Lord Anjaneya is decked in Lord Shiva’s  form. Shatha Rudrabhishekha and Samaveda Parayana is performed on that day. Special offerings are made to Anjaneyaswami.

Day long fasting with night long bhajanas are the special features of this occasion.

The unique aspect of this day is that devotees are offered NariKela dana (tender coconut water dana). Nearly 50,000 to 75,000 tender coconuts are chopped for the benefit of the visiting devotees.