Shree Kshetra Insignia

The unique logo for the Kshetra has been conceived by Avadhutha Sadhguru Shree Shree Bindumadhavasharma Guruji.

The logo comprises three distinct elements of Anjaneya Swami –

the tail (Bala),                                                 the mace(Gadhe)                               the bell (Ghante)


The ‘gadha-langula-ghanta’ or the ‘mace-tail-bell’ interlock, is depictive of the eternal truth of  the seamless union of the Jivaatma (the Physical) with the Paramaatma or the NirgunaBrahman (the Formless Sublime).

This Identity has been designed by Avadhootha Sadhguru Shree Shree Bindumadhava Sharma Mahaswamiji.

The ‘gadha or mace’, is that of Anjaneya, depicting strength, valour, courage against all odds, and the inner power that is indestructible and infinite when drawn upon.

The ‘langula or bala or tail‘, curling from the bottom of the mace, moving upwards to the top of the mace, indicates the movement of  the Kundalini Shakti or the Primal Energy within us, resting at the base of the spine to the top, reaching the highest chakra at the Sahasrara, at the top of the head.

The ‘ghanta or bell’, represents the primordial sound, ‘Pranava or Omkara’, the sound of Creation resulting in the birth of the Universe.