Shree Bhaaratha Matha Ratha (Shree Lakshminarayana Swami Ratha)

Lord Shree Lakshminarayana is seated on this chariot during the Annual Brahmarathotsava celebrations, during Hanuma Jayanthi, every December, at the Kshetra. Dedicated on Vikaari Samvathsara’s Margashira Shuddha Trayodashi, 9th December, 2019, the Bharaatha Matha Ratha is one of its kind, that is a mobile, living monument. The chariot base is on 6 wheels, for movement. It stands on a base of 21 X 21 ft square, and is 59 ft. high. The Bhaaratha Matha Ratha, so designed & named by Avadhootha Sadhguru, is unique in its disposition, that it reflects
and pays tribute to the rich spiritual, cultural, historical, artistic and scientific heritage of our country, Bhaaratha Matha or India. It is a wonderful platform showcasing the wealth of our nation, by hosting the busts of more than 150 personalities, through the ages, doyens in the respective aspects of human endeavour. The selection of the personna has been done on merit alone, without consideration of caste, creed or religion. They include Sage Vasishtha, Sage Agastya, Sage Valmiki and Sage Vedavyasa amongst the spiritual beacons ; Shree Adi Shankaracharya, Ramaanujacharya, Madhvacharya, Sadashiva Brahmendra gal amongst Acharyas or savants; Annamacharya, Kanakadasa, Mirabai, Kabira amongst the leaders of Bhakthi movement; Sarvajna, Basavanna, amongst the great social reformers; Mangal Pandey, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhashchandra Bose, Balgangadhar Tilak amongst the freedom fighters; Sushrutha, Dr. Abdul Kalam, C V Raman and Ramanujam
amongst the scientific temper of our country; Thyagaraja, Mutthu Deekshitar, Jayachmarajendra Wodeyar, D V Gundappa, Dr Rajakumar of the artistic tapestry of our nation.