Shree Veeraprathapa Anjaneya Swami Sannidhi

Vyasaraya is believed to have consecrated the temple of Lord Anjaneya, at Belaguru, approximately 550 years ago.

The singular feature here is that the idol in the sanctum sanctorum, is standing on an anthill.

The temple was a dilapidated structure till recently, when Avadhootha Sadhguru renovated it to the present state with the help & assistance of the townsfolk.

The reconsecration of the idol, after the renovation, approximately 50 years ago, has a stirring spiritual occurrence, experienced by the people gathered there. That event is still narrated firsthand by the aged townsfolk here. It goes thus;

In accordance with the vedic stipulation, the idol was bathed in water from all the oceans of the world, and from as many rivers in India, as Sahasra Kalashaabhishekam to the Lord. This is unique, considering the year of consecration. Avadhootha Sadhguru proved His Superior State of Being with this activity.

The more startling aspect of the event was that, for 24 hours after this hallowed Abhishekam to the Lord, the entire gathering witnessed the idol breathing, its chest heaving. This established the fact that Divinity had impressed within the idol and in this blessed location.

Rudrabhisheka, Pavamanabhisheka, Shodashopachara Poojas, Alankaaras are performed daily.

In addition to the main murthy or idol, there are shrines of Shree Gayathri Devi, Shree Ganapathi Panchayathana, Shree Rama with Devi Sita & Lakshmana, Shree Subrahmanya and Shree Dattatreya.