Shree Mahalakshmi Devi Sannidhi

Dedicated to the world on Hevilambi Samvathsra’s Vaishaka Shukla Dashami, 5th May, 2017. It is located by the side of Shree Veeraparathapa Anjaneya  Sannidhi, and installed after the performance of Mahalakshmi Yaga, to propitiate the Mother.  Soon after the Yaga, Avadhootha Sadhguru was visited by the Divine Mother in His dream, Who blessed Him with the boon that SHE would reside here and bless all His followers.
The site is the Pramukha (main) Yagna Kunda of the Yaga performed. The Divine Mother is housed in a beautiful Dravidian Style temple structure, built out of stone, with exquisite carvings, in accordance to vedic specifications.
The unique feature of this holy consecration is that the idol has been installed on a stone Shree Chakra, the abode of the Mother. She is hence known as Shree Chakradhisthitha Mahalakshmi. This idol is thus considered very sacred.
There is another Shree Chakra made of Panchaloha (5 metals), installed in front of the idol. Abhishekha is performed to this Shree Chakra every day.

Inside the temple, Mahalakshmi Devi is the main deity. Alongside, on Her Right, is the sub shrine of Ma Vaishno Devi and on Her left, sub shrine of Ma Saraswathi.

In addition to daily pujas, special offerings are made to the Devi on all Fridays and Full Moon days, when She graces all life and blesses them with abundance. All those who perform pujas, sevas  to the Holy Mother here, are said to be blessed & their prayers granted.