Shree Veeraprathapa Anjaneya Swami Ratha

The design of the ratha is by Avadhootha Sadhguru, who conceived the physical representation of the state of the Brahmanda or the Universe. His Holiness wished His devotees a glimpse of this cosmic structure. After His transcension, in accordance to Sadguru’s wishes, the present Maruthi Peetadhipathi, Shree Vijayamaruthi Sharma Guruji, manifested it for the benefit of the world, and dedicated it on Shubhakrit
Samvathsara’s Margashira Shuddha Trayodashi, 5th December, 2022.

It is 51 feet tall, on a base of 23 x 23 ft. The cosmic manifestation is as follows; The chariot base is on 6 wheels, for movement. The first layer of
support is that of Ashta Diggaja (8 celestial elephants); the second rung of support is the supernal Kurma (tortoise); on this dual support lies the 7 headed Adishesha (the divine serpent), on which rests the heavenly throne of the thousand petalled Lotus. It is on this Lotus that the Earth is cradled. As Lord Anjaneya is considered to be the overlord of the cosmos, He is seated on this throne, during the annual Brahmarathothsava celebrations, Hanuma Jayanthi, in December. The chariot carvings feature the scenes of Ramayana as depicted in Hanumadvilasa (Sundara Kanda) and Avadhootha Sadguru’s life.