Avadhootha Sadhguru Shree Shree Bindumadhava Sharma Mahaswamiji

The hallmark of any great personality’s life is His/Her experience of the bitter aspect of poverty and hardship, in the early life. That was/is the stepping stone to becoming a beacon of solace to the teeming humanity.
Sadhguru’s early life was no different. Having lost His father on the 7th day of His birth, blamed for all the misfortune that befell His family then, by His mother, He would sometimes drink just water to quell his hunger.
His courage and strength to lead a responsible life, taking care of others,  when they are in trouble, got established, due to His exposure to several enlightened souls. His fervent devotion and the yearning to serve with Bhakti, was strengthened by His aunt, who was a narrator of the Ramayana. His Love to serve Lord Anjaneya, who is the epitome of valour, courage, and devotion got all the more intense. However, He was a normal growing robust boy, who had all the traits of a normal teenager, carefree, playful and attending school. But He did not attend school regularly. He stopped studying after completing His 5th Std.
But His interest in Life, of being always concerned of His fellow beings, even during the utter penury, was noteworthy.  He enjoyed serving others and alleviating their hardships. His association with piety, devotion and religious fervour, helping His uncle, who was the head priest of Lakshminarayana temple & the Anjaneya Swami temple, enabled Him to gain the attention of the Lord., whom He served with single-minded devotion.
The boy had grown to a young lad of 18 years. Ramothsava had just concluded in the temple then.  He had gone to the lakeside to relax. As He was walking on the banks, a disturbing sight caught His attention. An aged monkey was being tormented by a pack of dogs. Hurt by the plight of the monkey, He ran towards the pack, shooed them away, picked the wounded monkey and rushed to the temple. He tended to the wounds of the monkey and soothed the animal, with all the love and care. It was as if He was tending to Lord Anjaneya Himself.
He began to take care of the monkey and tended to its recovery. Every day, He would dress its wounds and feed it with half of his meagre portion of food, given to Him by His mother. This went on for days, and soon the two became inseparable. In due course, the monkey regained its health & strength. Just as Rama & Maruthi were inseparable, Bindu & the monkey were as attached. They became famous in & around Belaguru as the divine duo. So strong was the bond between the two, that even when there was a severe drought in that region, which resulted in people going without food for days, Shree Bindu would share whatever  food He had with Him, with the monkey. Getting to know of this, His mother, totally concerned about her boy’s health, chided Him to let go of the monkey and take care of Himself.
Shree Bindu, heeding His mother’s words, let go of the monkey with a heavy heart. He was extremely distressed at the parting. So was the monkey, who did not eat the food given to him that day. Leaving the monkey at the edge of their farm, on His way back home, just when He passed the Anjaneya Swami Temple, then He slipped into the divine trance and Angered at His uncle’s erroneous rendition of the mantra, He yelled at him to chant the mantra properly. His uncle and the group of devotees present were taken aback at this outburst, for two reasons, one was because He seemed possessed, and two, Shree Bindu Himself was not very adept at the scriptures. He was like any normal person of His age, and had cursory knowledge. But then, here He was, correcting His uncle. That was the very first instance of Lord Anjaneya impressing upon the youngster. A few days later, when He saw the same monkey in His farm, as it was running away, it turned towards Him and manifested itself as Lord Anjaneya, in all His Glory. The Lord then addressed Shree Bindu, stating that He would let Shree Bindu become aware of His Grace and through Him help the humanity of its misery. The form and the monkey disappeared soon after.
Shree Bindu was stupefied. But as the days went by, Lord Anjaneya manifested Himself completely in Shree Bindu, performing miraculous inhuman feats and alleviating people’s pains. Shree Bindu, gradually came to be known as the Walking Anjaneya, the manifestation of Lord Veeraprathapa Anjaneya Himself. His fame as the Saviour spread far and wide…millions thronged the town of Belaguru, in search of salvation. Shree Shree Bindumadhava Sharma was there with His arms open.
Shree Shree Bindumadhava Sharma Mahaswamiji, attained complete immersion in the Lord, became the guiding light of Love, Compassion, Bhakti and Courage. Humanity alone mattered, neither the caste nor the wealth, nor the profession. He led by example, on how to lead the material life and still be in the Lord’s favour. With His towering presence, Belaguru has become the destination for salvation.
He’s reverentially stated as Sadhguru, (Sath + Guru = One who is always established in the Truth, the Absolute Awareness), which reflected on His infinite Wisdom, Compassion, Patience and Love towards All. His sole aim was in leading His devotee to realise oneself.
Later, His Stillness, Equilibrium, Detachment and  Unboundedness was experienced, realised and accepted with Absolute Devotion as the Avadhootha

अक्षरत्वात्‌ वरेण्यत्वात्‌ धूतसंसारबन्धनात्‌ ।

तत्वमस्यादि लक्ष्यत्वात् अवधूत इतीर्यतॆ ।।

(The Avadhootha is so called because he is immortal [Akshara]; he is the greatest [varenya]; he has discarded worldly ties [dhootha samsara bandhana]; and he is the indicated meaning of the sentence ‘Thou art That’, etc., [tattvamasyadi-lakshya].)
Shree Shree Bindumadhava Sharma, with all humility, reverence and devotion, came to be  fondly addressed as Avadhootha Sadhguru Shree Shree Bindumadhava Sharma Mahaswamiji.
Sadhguru devoted His Life in transforming the Lord’s Temple and the Kshetra into what they are today. He strove to uplift the Kshetra, by becoming the solid support and pillar for all developmental activities, helping the people with motivation, financial support and spiritual guidance. Sadhguru, vigorously organised, conducted, performed and promoted Yajnas, Homas, Pujas, discourses, for the welfare of all humankind and the Planet we live in.
Being a resolute member of the Datta Pantha (the Dattatreya sect), He was a staunch proponent and practitioner of the Advaitha Philosophy, of serving the Lord with devotion, and attaining His Grace. He advocated cleansing oneself, materially & spiritually,  as the next step to upliftment.
He was the living example of Advaitha Practice and its practice.
In 2019, His Holiness established the Maruthi Peetham, its Head continuing the holy work of redemption. He anointed Shree Shree Vijaya Maruthi Sharma, as the  first Peethadipathi or the Peetham’s Head, at a tender age of 16. It continues today, under the stewardship of His Holiness, Shree Shree Vijaya Maruthi Sharma Guruji.
On November 27th, 2020, Sadhguru Shree Shree Bindu Madhava Sharma Mahaswamiji, relinquished His Mortal Self. He has settled in His protégé, Shree Shree Vijaya Maruthi Sharma Guruji, continuing to be the Light of all Life.

Avadhootha Sadhguru’s Philosophy and its manifestation

Practice Advaitha… in one’s daily life…all the time…with unbounded, selfless, courageous devotion to the Lord… serving Him every moment of one’s life on Earth. He breathed, practised and lived the tenets of Vedantha. He was the living example of Advaitha. Every idea, every act, every blessing, every advice was soaked in the Vedanthic concept of
सस्तघत्वे निस्सघत्वं निस्सघत्वॆ निर्मोहत्वम्‌ ।
निर्मोहत्वॆ निश्चलतत्वं निश्चलतत्वॆ जीवन्मुक्तिः ।।
satsanghathve nissanghathvam. . .
Being in association with illumined people leads to freedom from the material world…
nissanghatve nirmohathvam. . .
Freedom from the material world leads to total detachment…
nirmohatve nischalatattvam. . .
Complete detachment leads to the understanding the ultimate truth that there is nothing other than this
nischaltattve jeevanamukthihi !
Understanding this Truth leads to Immersion of the One (oneself) into THE ONE (The Eternal)…thus attaining the Ultimate Bliss or Mukthi.
Avadhoota Sadhguru with His selfless, unbounded, devoted service to the Lord, Realising this Ultimate Truth, got immersed to become ONE with Him.
Every living being is Divine. Acknowledge that divinity as the One in yourself and humbly serve its needs, without expecting anything in return. That state of being is Godlike, which is the ultimate goal. By following this regularly and strictly, one will attain this blissfulness, slowly, but surely.
He shone this light into every act of His, to show the genuineness of the reality. He led by example, the path to salvation, living in this unreal world.
Every act of His was always intended to serve the people and for the betterment of all Life on Earth & The Cosmos. He firmly believed that collective prayer and service to The Lord would have a better impact on the wellbeing. He would swear by the concept of the Yagnas and Homas, as it involved the devoted participation of a larger number of beneficiaries.