The Temple

Belagur a small hamlet centered between Arsikere and Hosadurga may not register the interest of even a local from Karnataka. It has neither tourist, commercial nor historical importance. An event in and around 1972 sealed the fate of this unknown town forever. A seventeen year old boy whose only asset was his poverty was destined by the benevolent hand of divinity to put his home town on the map of History forever.

The main deity of this place is Lord Hanuman called "Veera Prathapa Anjaneya". It was installed by Sage Vyasaraya about 750 years ago. In the span of thirty years Swamiji has developed this place into a spiritual oasis.

Apart from renovating and rebuilding the three temples of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, the entire credit for making the temple as splendid as it is today goes to the Swamiji. He has constructed spacious rooms for devotees to stay and halt so that they may be able to spend more time in this hallowed place and absorb its divine vibrations. On every Poornima day Homa are performed and over a thousand people are fed. Many devotees have experienced miracles performed by the Swamiji which have had the effect of transforming even the most hard core atheist.

In this world of make believe, charlatans and power mongers, it is truly a breath of fresh air to find that India has in its blossom still a few genuine souls who live and preach the true tenets of our Sanatana Dharma through the medium of actual personal experience. Belagur and Shri Bindu Madhava Sharma are always open to receive true seekers of spiritual wisdom. Those whose hearts have a divine inclination will be received with open arms.

This portal is an attempt to capture the spirit and fragrance of this enigmatic person -- partly through his own words and images and partly through yours. As you browse through this site, do interact with us .


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