Souvenirs / Mementoes

At Shree Kshetra Belaguru, these Souvenirs are available. You can buy them at Shri Kshetra Belaguru. Please contact the Temple Priest for the prices and volumes.

Stickers of Hanuman Gada

You can stick them to your vehicles or your wall.

Gada Key Chains

The saving hand and Gada of Shree Veera Pratapa comes along with you all the time in the form of Key Chains – Carry them with you

Lockets and Bracelets

The Lockets and Bracelets are made out of “Pancha Loha” and special metal – These are specially blessed by Guruji and will surely bring strength to yourself.


Read more of books on Spirituality and improve your “inner Gnan” – also available books on Shree Kshetra Belaguru

Wrist Wathes

These specially designed Wrist Watches carry the pictures of Pujya Guruji and Shree Veera Pratapa hanuman - Whenever, you have a look at time in your watch, you will have darshan of Guruji and Veera Pratapa

Wall Clocks

Specially designed wall clocks are available at Shree Kshetra

Video and Audio CD

Audio CDs of special songs on Veera Pratapa Anjaneya and Shri Bindumadhava Sadhguru are available at Shree Kshetra. Also Video CDs of previous functions and special pooja conducted at Belaguru are also available.

Photo Frames / Wall Photos / Calendars

Specially designed and manufactured Photo Frames, Wall Photos and Calendars are available at Shree Kshetra.

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